First approach and improvement

A weekend training course on Djing
Depending on your level, the 14-day long MIX week-end training will enable you to discover cutting edge equipment and also the basics of mixing (the functioning of turntables, transitions between two music tracks, effects, tunings and so on) or how to improve your techniques and to learn new ones (scratch, cut, programming and so on). It also enables you to prepare for the selection assessment so as to join the musical and stage animator training.
250.00 €
Nice present
The voucher allows you to offer the person of your choice a course of two or four days at 250 and 450 euros, on all the dates available during one year.
From  250.00 €
Mixing and music production training course
The MIX CAM training course is a 28-hour training that will enable you to switch from learning mixing to learning music production. For 4 days, depending on your level, you will start learning, or you will improve your skills on, how to use mixing equipment, including working with turntables, making transitions between two music tracks, using effects, tunings and so on. Then, you will be trained on how to use the Ableton Live software so as to learn music production but also how to cope with live music, podcasts and other bootlegs / mashups.
450.00 €