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Mixing techniques
The “Mixing techniques” unit is a 21-hour training meant for professional DJs (DJs who work in discos, are independent or temporary show business workers) who wish to improve. The objective is the use of basic knowledge acquired with experience and its sublimation to improve artistic expression and the management of the dance-floor and also to learn how to use the new mixing tools.
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630.00 €



Conditions of admission : This training course is open to music professionals.


Equipment made available :


Duration :


The objectives of the training course are :


Contents of the training : - Revising the various mixing techniques,
- Creating one's own jingles, intros and outros,
- Capturing the attention of an audience,
- Choosing the technique that needs to be used depending on the played style,
- Creating a coherent programming according to a bill of specifications, without dismissing your style,
- Optimising one's sources so as to keep one's set dynamic.


Educational approach :


During this training course, you will work in individual cabins equipped with computer equipment and also on a 150 square metre dance-floor fitted with sound, light and video. Complete and efficient DJ equipment will be made available for you.


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