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Mike Animation
The 21-hour “Mike Animation” will enable DJs but also all company executives and leaders to improve in mike animation and to master the whole of the communication techniques nowadays used in front of an audience so that they can make their talks dynamic and thus capture the attention of their audiences.
Training Dates
Training Location
630.00 €



Conditions of admission : Any person who is required to conduct an animation and who wants to acquire tools and techniques that enable him / her to optimise his / her performance in a professional situation.


Equipment made available : A 700 square metre dance-floor fitted with sound, light and video, microphones, video recording.


Duration : 21 hours of training spread over three days (from Monday to Wednesday)


The objectives of the training course are : - Mastering animation techniques
- Acquiring the expected vocal techniques
- Enriching the content of an animation so as to assert a style
- Adapting an animation to various audiences


Contents of the training : - Exercises on vocal and animation techniques
- Semi-structured exercises on the creation of animation content
- Integrating the animation into a music programming
- Placing the animation into a stage performance


Educational approach :

- Theoretical and technical input
- Practical exercises with real-life professional situations
- Practice analysis
- Improvisation workshops



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