Retail Training
Light, level 1
The "Light" unit is a 21-hour training, meant for Light Jockeys (who work in discos, are independent or temporary show business workers) who wish to improve. The objective is to learn the various light sources, to know the DMX but particularly to optimise one's equipment stock depending on requirements, to maintain it and to repair it.
Training Dates
Training Location
630.00 €



Conditions of admission : Salaried professionals of nightlife, Light Jockeys who work in discos and independent Light Jockeys and temporary show business workers and all the people who have got lighting materials in their establishments.


Equipment made available : a professional Martin show room : Controlled light, traditional light, effects and so on.
A stage, structures, a control room and a lighting console.


Duration :


The objectives of the training course are : Learning the various light sources and the elements that make traditional and automatic spotlights
Knowing the DMX
Maintaining and repairing one's lighting material
Optimising one's equipment stock depending on its requirements.


Contents of the training : - Theoretical learning
- Studying the various elements in real-life professional situations
- Wirings, power distribution, installation
- Studying safety aspects for mobile installations and for fixed installations
- Breakdown simulations


Educational approach :

- Studying the various elements and appliances
- Acquiring a complete mastery of one's own equipment
- Managing the safety and the maintenance of the machines
- Practical exercises guided by professionals



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